The Couples

The couples featured in the Joined by Grace DVD are not actors or experts; they are real life Catholic couples striving to live out model marriages. In the DVD they share honest stories revealing the struggles and joys of married life. By watching their stories in the DVD, you will fell like you really get to know each one of them. Here is a little more information about who they are.

Jerry and Erin Attere

Erin and Jerry Attere live in Chicago, IL and attend Old St. Patrick’s Church.

Jim and Cooky Eraci

Maria (Cooky) and Jim Eraci live in Chicago, IL. Cooky is the coordinator of youth ministry for the Archdiocese of Chicago.

Tim and Maggie Glemkowski

Tim Glemkowski has worked at various roles in Catholic evangelization including youth ministry, adult evangelization, and as a high school teacher. He and Maggie moved since filming Joined by Grace and now live with their one year old, Eva, outside of Chicago in his hometown. Maggie and Tim’s current favorite hobby is hiking and they can’t wait for their next trip out West.

Cody and Erin Groeber

Cody and Erin Groeber met in the fall of 2004 over a pitcher of Miller Lite at Corby’s Irish Pub in South Bend, IN. They soon found themselves sitting next to each other in first year in Criminal Law class. They got engaged and married just prior to their third year of law school at Notre Dame. After law school they moved to Charleston, SC on a whim without jobs, money, or health insurance. Since then, Cody has had a fulfilling career as a public defender, representing poor clients in both state and federal court and Erin has had several (4) babies while intermittently practicing law. Their kids (Sean, James, Annalisa, and Finbar) are amazing, hilarious little people who keep Cody and Erin entertained and humble. The Groebers are members of The Cathedral of St. John the Baptist in downtown Charleston.

Since filming Joined by Grace most of their babies have grown into kids, which is disconcerting. Erin writes, “We have also made the crazy decision to home school our kids, which has been a big change in our family over the last few months. We have met that change with much sacrifice, fun, and craft beer.”

Michael and Theresa Shaul

Michael and Theresa Shaul are the husband/wife due of ten years, co-workers in business, and the parents to three kids. They recently celebrated their anniversary doing something they both love, traveling and enjoying the great outdoors. In their “down time” Michael likes playing board games, golfing, and woodworking when he can find the time. Theresa enjoys creating through gardening, sewing, and knitting. They both enjoy being involved in their church community which has become their family. Their greatest joy is watching their children grow, learn, and play.

The Pastoral Experts

You will not find any “talking heads” in the Joined by Grace DVD. Instead, engaged couples will learn about the sacraments through the insightful storytelling and teaching of a group of individuals who know the struggles and modern married life.

Keara Ette

Keara Ette directs the sacramental and young adult ministries at Old St. Patrick’s Church in Chicago, Illinois, where she has served and been a member of the community since 2007. She and her husband Michael recently celebrated their 5th anniversary of marriage with all of the simple joys of chasing around their two young sons Samuel (16 months) and Daniel (3 years).

Tim and Sue Muldoon

Tim Muldoon, Ph.D., is a pastoral theologian and author of several books on spirituality, the theology of the laity, and marriage and family. He teaches at Boston College. Sue Muldoon is a therapist and religious educator who has worked in clinical and collegiate settings, and is currently director of family ministries at Good Shepherd Parish in Wayland, Massachusetts.

Together they are the authors of Six Sacred Rules for Families (2013) and the forthcoming book The Discerning Parent: An Ignatian Guide to Raising Your Teen, both from Ave Maria Press.

Rev. Neil Wack, C.S.C.

Rev. Neil Wack, C.S.C. is the director of vocations for the U.S. Province of the Congregation of Holy Cross. He earned a degree in computer science in 1993 at Purdue University and worked for four years in Indianapolis. Afterward, he entered Moreau Seminary at the University of Notre Dame in 1997 and was ordained a priest at the Basilica of the Sacred Heart (at Notre Dame) in 2004. He was first assigned to a parish in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and then, in 2005, he was transferred to his home parish of Christ the King in South Bend, serving there for ten years as pastor and associate pastor.

Since July 2015 he has lived in Keough Hall at Notre Dame as a “priest in residence,” and his office is at Moreau Seminary. As director of vocations, he is part of a team that coordinates vocation promotion efforts at Holy Cross campuses, parishes, and other apostolates across the United States. He often travels to help men learn how to pray and discern God’s call in their lives and to help them to listen to him in prayer.