Giving Oneself Completely

Married life is like a three-legged race that requires runners to submit their individual egos and desires to the pace of their race. Marriage requires self-giving. When you enter Christian marriage, you are running your race as a team, and Christ is your partner and coach. He is there to teach you how to submit your will to God and to each other. He will guide you, and when you trip and cause each other to fall, he will help you pick yourself up. All you need to do is remember that he is next to you. Your regular participation in the sacrifice of the Mass will nourish you, teach you self-giving, and help you remember that Jesus is present in your life.

Self-giving, the third step in the blueprint of love, is not something that happens only on your wedding day when you pronounce your vows to each other. It is a constant in the marriage relationship. It is needed day after day because your three-legged race starts on the wedding day but goes on the rest of your life.

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