Marriage preparation that builds strong, life-giving, and lasting marriages.

Joined by Grace: Preparing for the Sacramental Journey of Marriage

Joined by Grace
Preparing for the Sacramental Journey of Marriage

Joined by Grace was developed with one goal in mind: to help engaged couples build strong, life-giving, and lasting unions by inspiring them to welcome God into their marriages more completely.

Offering couples the tools they need for life after their wedding day, Joined by Grace shows how the seven sacraments can help build marriages that are rooted in Christ by teaching couples to accept and be fully present to one another, give themselves completely, and serve and forgive each other.

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Joined by Grace includes . . .

Joined by Grace Couple's Books

Joined by Grace Couple’s Book

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Joined by Grace Mentor Guide

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Joined by Grace DVD

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Joined by Grace Program Manual

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Resources for Engaged Couples

To support couples participating in Joined by Grace programs, we have collected additional reading and resources for each of the chapters in the Couple’s Book.

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Mentor Couple Resources

Download some of the resources in the Joined by Grace Mentor Guide plus many other tools to help mentor couples prepare their engaged couples for marriage.

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Program Director Resources

The website offers additional tools, templates, and training resources for program directors.

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"Joined by Grace uses real-life vignettes that draw engaged couples into a deep process of learning and discernment. The program’s approach is well-grounded in the Church’s sacramental theology and provides a basic appreciation of the life of grace at work within us. Suitable for use with couples at every level of faith development and knowledge, it makes good use of mentor couples as companions for the engaged and sets the stage for ongoing support and marriage enrichment. Solid theology, practical examples, and engaging parishioners together provide a great recipe for a man and a woman who will be joined by grace as they pledge their love for life. I salute John and Teri Bosio for this wonderful work!"

Most Rev. Joseph E. KurtzArchbishop of Louisville

"An excellent tool to help parishes welcome young couples to marriage and prepare them to embrace their Christian vocation."

Most Rev. David R. ChobyBishop of Nashville